We love to help investors, and we have the guidance and products needed for investors to accomplish any and all of their goals.

If you’re considering a regular buy-and-hold transaction or want to take out cash quickly to purchase a property, we can do it through a delayed financing exception—a rare offering from a lender.

We can also help with 1031 exchanges, which are incredibly time sensitive and require specialized knowledge to complete. We also help with fix-and-flip properties and the process of closing in the name of an entity. When it comes to residential property, we can handle everything from beginning to end.

“Partnering with us is important if you want to keep all your loans in one place.”

Unlike most lenders out there, we maintain the servicing rights of virtually all of our loans. If you have 10 different loans with 10 different servicers, the rights can continue to be sold—this can become a lot to keep up with. Partnering with us is important if you want to keep all your loans in one place.

With Guardian Mortgage, I am your single point of contact for the life of the loan. I’ll be the one doing your annual mortgage check-in each year to ensure your investment allocation is helping you accomplish your financial goals.

So let’s partner together on this. Whether you’re looking to buy your first investment property or simply wanting to add to an established portfolio, reach out to me for a consultation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.