In real estate, as in many areas of life, hiring a team ensures a better result for you and your clients.

We’ve structured our team to have the minimum number of cooks in the kitchen. I have front-end help to get the pre-approval done and someone to help from contract to close, and all throughout the process, I’m the captain of the airplane, if you will; I’ll help get clients from point A to point B. I can’t promise that we won’t run into any turbulence, but if we do, our experience helping over 2,500 families in the last several years will help us overcome pretty much any obstacle. If we do encounter any turbulence, just follow my in-flight instructions and I will land you safely.

Our core principles are as follows:

  1. Close on time
  2. Close accurately
  3. Use lots of communication

Accuracy is important because that’s what we spend the majority of the time working on in the front end with respect to your pre-approval. That way, we can actually close on your transaction the way that you want to. Many lenders don’t do thorough work on the front end; it does take some more effort, but it’s so worth it for our clients because it gives them peace of mind when they go shopping for homes. They know that there won’t be a hiccup in the process that will prevent them from closing on the home they find.

“We’ve structured our team to have the minimum number of cooks in the kitchen.”

Communication is also vital. Without a team, you would really struggle as a one-person show trying to keep everyone in the loop with what’s happening. With a team, the lending experience is elevated because there’s so much more communication, allowing everyone to be on the same page.

My belief is that a team is vital to the success of a transaction, so if you’re part of a family trying to buy a home or one of our Realtor partners, know that we will take great care of you and/or your clients. Just reach out to us and we will take care of the rest.