Dallas Mortgage Lender Testimonials

How the Betz Team Helped Michael Busker with His Transaction

It was a wonderful experience start to finish. The team was highly responsive, extremely helpful, and really walked me through each step of the process. The market is so hot right now, that we had to make some quick decisions, including over the weekend, and Wade and his team went above and beyond to help me get an offer in outside of business hours. They were really responsive, and always willing to help out.

How the Betz Team Helped Steve Sumner with His Transaction

I found the Betz Team to be very responsive to all my requests. Emails were answered within an hour or two on the day they were sent. I could not be more thrilled with the service I received from them. They provided excellent service all the way through, answering all of my questions and going above and beyond.

How the Betz Team Helped David Mansfield with His Transaction

They were a pleasure to work with. The made everything as simple and easy as possible. I’m going through a very difficult time in my life and they made buying a house as painless as can be. They were very helpful, everything was seamless, and we had a very successful close on the home with very few problems.

How Wade Betz from Guardian Mortgage helped Randy Ransom

It was a very easy process! Wade was very responsive to our needs, and it went well. I was very pleased with the outcome. I’ve used Wade and his team several times before, and my family has used him several times. We’re gonna stick with him forever, and I’d recommend him to anyone because of our good experiences.

How Wade Betz from Guardian Mortgage helped Harris Richardson

I had a great experience. This is actually my fifth loan with Wade! It’s always a great experience. As you know, purchasing a home can be very stressful, and they’ve always made it a no-worries, stress-free experience. They always kept me extremely informed on a weekly basis, and I’ve always appreciated the way Wade has reached out to me.

How Wade Betz from Guardian Mortgage helped Katie Masucci

Wade Betz was fantastic to work with! He was very responsive, and his team was always open to answering my questions. Most importantly, I got the home of my choice at a great price! I thought I was put in a very good position for a first time home buyer. I’ve also obtained a lot of knowledge along the way. It was entirely a learning experience, that gave me a resource down the road for mortgage-related questions. I know that they’ll be responsive in a timely manner to aid in my questions.

How Wade Betz from Guardian Mortgage helped Wendy Tomlinson

I have worked with Wade twice. Once for the purchase of my home, and the second to refinance. It went smoothly both times, and am now in a much better position with a better interest rate! I really loved that I got updates throughout the process. Every few days, he would give me progress reports. I didn’t have to contact him, because he did so first!

How Wade Betz at Guardian Mortgage Helped Vayauna Edwards

Working with Wade was like the best experience I've ever had purchasing anything! Especially a major purchase like a home. I had a lot of questions, he answered every one of them. He was on vacation while I was purchasing my house, I emailed and told him I didn't expect a reply until he returned, and he emailed me back right away, with no hesitation! He was calm, he made sure that I closed on the day that I needed to close, he worked closely with my agent, and everything went so smoothly. With the title company at close, it was about a 20 minute closing process, it was perfect. Wade is awesome!

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