Here’s how you tell if you have too much “stuff”…

You cannot fit one more piece of clothing in your closet.

The rooms in your home have so much furniture that it’s difficult to walk around.

Your cabinets are so jam-packed with food, dishes, pots and pans that you have to remove items to get to the one thing you want to use. 

I wanted to share with you four things you could do to declutter and make your life a bit simpler:

  1. Sell your stuff – Make up a list of local consignment stores or estate sales dealers who would sell your items at a fair price—after commission. Or you could sell them online.  Facebook and Craigslist usually have a local online consignment page where you can post photos.  Since it’s local, you don’t have to pay for shipping.  eBay is another option but there is a hassle of shipping the items you have sold on that website.
  2. Donate your stuff – The local Goodwill or Salvation Army come to mind—but there are other places you may want to consider. Halfway homes.  Abused women shelters.  Senior citizen homes.  Be sure to check what they will and will not accept.
  3. Throw away your stuff – While some of your stuff my be too bulky to take to the dump, there are services that will haul away your items—like 1-800-GOT JUNK. Another way is to move the large items to the curb with a sign that says “FREE: TAKE ME PLEASE”.  If you have stuff like chemicals or paint, check with the local recycling center to see what they will take.  One more thing, most communities have a “used appliance pickup day” once a year where they will remove your stuff from the curb.
  4. Store your stuff – If you simply can’t part with the items and think you can use it again sometime in the future, consider placing it in a self-storage unit. It could also be items that you only use periodically and it’s best to store them off site.  However, the danger is that if you store the stuff and find you never visit the storage unit, you are postponing the inevitable—so you may as well get rid of it.