Do you get junk mail from other mortgage companies, insurance agents, credit card companies and car dealers with ads telling you that you have already been pre-approved to do business with them?

Well, let me tell you why!

Credit bureaus make a ton of money selling “credit profiles” to companies that are looking for a certain type of financial history. While they don’t know your social security number, the company sending you the pre-approved offer goes to the credit bureau and pays for a list based on certain criteria—criteria like minimum credit scores, geographic areas, mortgage or car loans, or outstanding credit card balances.

If you read the tiny, tiny print, they must also disclose that you were “pre-screened” and that’s why you were sent the marketing solicitation.

Also, in the tiny, tiny print (that you can barely read), they must disclose how to Opt Out so your name and address are not sold, which also eliminates some of your junk mail.

Instead of reading the fine print, I want to tell you how to opt out of receiving the pre-screened offers.

First, the website to visit is You have a couple of options:

  1. You can opt out from receiving offers for five years. This can be done online but you’ll have to renew every five years.
  2. You can opt out permanently. However, you must download a form and MAIL it to the address provided.
  3. You can also opt back in if you opted out previously.

Here’s another link to Frequently Asked Questions that describes what happens when you opt out.

If you need help opting out, please feel free to call me.